USMLE Pro was founded by Alyssa Ehrlich, a then 4th-year Harvard medical student who used active learning techniques and a focus on test-taking strategy to excel on the USMLE, scoring a 262 on Step 1 and a 281 on Step 2 CK. After over 400 hours of independent tutoring experience, Alyssa created USMLE Pro in response to the serious problems she perceived with existing medical tutoring companies that overcharged students, underpaid tutors, and made almost no effort to guide tutors or ensure high-quality teaching.


How we got started

Medical students on a mission

USMLE Pro was created to provide higher-quality individualized medical education and to make it more accessible through need-based pricing discounts. When working for another prominent medical tutoring company, Alyssa was shocked to discover that they did nothing to evaluate her teaching skills prior to hiring her, and provided almost no oversight or guidance to help ensure that students were succeeding. Talking to other tutors across various companies, it was clear that this was a systemic problem among existing tutoring companies and that there had to be a better way to help students looking for help on these career-determining exams. Alyssa selected a team of high-scoring and highly-experienced tutors and taught them the USMLE Pro Method, a unified strategy for optimizing USMLE, shelf exam, and medical coursework tutoring that takes advantage of evidence-based principles of adult learning to help students study more efficiently and achieve higher scores.

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