Despite our competitive hourly rates, our tutor compensation is among the most generous of any company, in order to hire only the best of the best tutors. At the same time, we believe that all medical students should have access to the help they need to achieve their goals, which is why we're the only company to offer additional need-based discounts. In addition to 1-on-1 sessions, each package includes a custom hour-by-hour study schedule made by your tutor. If you'd like to try out tutoring before purchasing a package, you can email us to request to be added to our waitlist for single lessons at our hourly rate of $250/hour. 

Save over 5% off our hourly rate. Ideal for preparing for a single shelf exam or getting targeted help on a particular topic, or for last-minute help with a score plateau.
Save over 10% off our hourly rate. Ideal for students in need of help with multiple shelf exams, or tutoring only during a dedicated studying period for larger exams.
Save 15% off our hourly rate. Ideal for students looking for 40+ point score increases. Appropriate for most Step 1 students; allows students to master the USMLE Pro Method.
Save 20% off our hourly rate. Our highest value, comprehensive option, for students with prior exam failures, high score goals, or longitudinal tutoring needs.