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Mar 26, 2018

Biochem + Studying after clerkships.

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Hi! I had a quick question for Alyssa: I'll be studying for usmle step 1 after my clerkships. I didn't get a chance to study for step 1 during clerkships, and am concerned about how much I remember of the basic sciences such as biochem. How do you recommend studying for biochem for step 1 (Especially for students who are far removed, as in the case of taking the exam after clerkships)? Also, if you have any other tips for how to study for step 1 after completing clerkships, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Mar 27, 2018

This is a great question and a concern for many students. In my own case, I took Step 1 after clerkships, and did not study for Step 1 specifically during, or prior to, clerkships. I think taking Step 1 after clerkships actually gives you a great advantage, as you have much more experience with NBME-style questions from taking shelf exams. I didn't review biochem during clerkships, and for me (and many of our students) its feasible to re-learn (or learn for the first time) the biochem you need for Step 1 during your dedicated period (mine was 7 weeks).


In general, I think its beneficial to have a longer (7-8 weeks) dedicated period if you're taking Step 1 after clerkships, as it will be difficult for you to study with significant intensity for Step 1 during those clerkships, and as you mention you will be further away from your basic science classes. However, we do have several tutors who scored 260+ on Step 1 with less than 6 weeks of studying after their clerkships. Try your best to ace your shelf exams, and this will end up being good preparation for Step 1 as well.


If you'd really like to brush up on biochem during a relatively light rotation such as psychiatry, I would recommend creating blocks of Step 1 UWorld questions with only biochem, and making Anki flashcards based off of the questions you get wrong, cross-referencing the relevant pages of First Aid as you do this. You may wish to read the Crush Step 1 biochem section prior to this, in order to re-orient yourself (this book has a nice narrative format that students find more readable compared to First Aid).


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  • Bharath Pl
    Oct 30

    Respected sir/madam , I’m actually half done with my FA not yet started UW but with my current pace it will take around 6 months more honestly to finish FA+UW but I’m constantly getting anxious whenever I saw P/F going to happen from this January is there a way for me finish step 1 before P/F thing to achieve the score of 250? Or should I continue with my pace and have to wait for official news? I’m super confused I’ll be happy if you can help me to get out of this situation? thank you.
  • sankarpa
    4 days ago

    I am a currently a third year who is finishing my second last rotation on June 14th, then I have a 2 week break followed by my obgyn core rotation until July 26. I have two weeks after my obgyn rotation when I have it off and I am taking my step 2 on aug 9th and level 2 on aug12th. I have been doing uworld during 3rd year here and there. I had a few questions regarding how to proceed further: 1) Would it be beneficial to create a test for all the wrong questions on uworld vs going through the flashcards on uworld which has their tables.  2) Should I do the second pass on uworld by resetting only after addressing the wrong questions first? 3) During my two week break, would it be a good strategy to a dedicate two full days for reading the step2ck book or watching OMED videos or DIT videos ? Is it best to use these resources when I get a question wrong instead of just reading them for the sake of completing it. 
  • lcdavis
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    Hi- I was wondering if you could advise on how to find reputable explanations to the new NBME tests. I have taken 18 and 20 and I am just making a google doc with information about questions I have missed. I have found some information on 18 but very little for form 20. Also just curious on your thoughts about a 243 score on UWORLD practice test #1. I am only about 30% through UWORLD questions and was just wondering if that was a trusted score. Thanks!